Biowaste Processing Services

BioWaste Processing is a certified wastewater treatment operator that services smaller regional sewer district operations, school systems that house their sewer systems, and beyond. We service the whole area between Milford and Fort Wayne, intending to protect Indiana’s beautiful lakes and streams from contamination.

Our qualified septage customers benefit from 24-hour wastewater receiving services through our fully automated receiving station. The station powers on when the customer swipes their BioWaste card reader, making it easy to empty your truck at any hour (especially if you operate 24/7).

Use Our Wastewater Treatment and Biowaste Processing Facility

Wastewater treatment is essential for maintaining environmental protection, public health, and resources. Untreated wastewater might contain harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which can pose public health risks if released into the environment.

We strive to keep the community safe, and we rose to meet the need for processing plants that handle the septage from these homes. By taking advantage of our wastewater treatment and biowaste processing facility, you’ll help maintain the beauty and safety of northern Indiana.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience and expertise – Our background is in septic systems, giving us extensive experience with biowaste processing and environmental management.
  • Innovation – Our team stays at the forefront of biowaste processing technologies that make the process easy for you while minimizing the environmental impact.

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