About BioWaste Processing

BioWaste Processing began in 2007 in response to a growing need in northern Indiana. As the number of rural and suburban residences served by septic tanks continued to grow, there was a need for processing plants to handle the septage from these homes.

Dallas Winchester, together with the Ned Schuler family, saw this need and stepped into the gap, starting the BioWaste Processing plant in Milford in 2007.

Dallas ran the BioWaste plant until his premature death from cancer. After Dallas’s death, the BioWaste plant changed hands a couple of times until Shankster Bros., from Silver Lake, Indiana, purchased it in 2020.

Shankster Bros.

Shankster Bros. has a long history with both freshwater management as well as wastewater management. We have worked in the Farm Drainage industry, managing fresh water in farm fields since 1982. In 1997, we began working in the septic and sewer industry, installing septic and sewer systems. This led to eventually entering the septic tank pumping and cleaning field in the early 2000s.

We have always enjoyed working with water and wastewater and consider it a privilege to serve northern Indiana in a variety of ways to protect our environment, keeping our beautiful lakes and streams clean and free of contamination.

John Metzger is our plant manager at BioWaste Processing. John has a background in the medical instrument manufacturing industry, and is currently pursuing an operator’s license for industrial wastewater.