BioWaste Operations Overview

BioWaste Processing in Milford Indiana offers 24-hour wastewater receiving services for qualified septage customers. We have a fully automated receiving station which powers on when the customer swipes their BioWaste card through the card reader at the plant. If you have a weekend, after-hours, or holiday job and need a place to empty your truck, we have the self-serve solution for you!

Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., the office and plant are open. Drivers can come in for a bathroom break, grab a cold drink from the fridge, or cool off for a minute before heading out to the next job.

Biowaste functions as a pretreatment processing plant for septage. Wastewater is received from licensed septic tank and portable toilet pumping companies and undergoes the following treatments in the order listed below:

  • Rock trap – This component removes stones and heavier grit

  • Muffin Monster – This machine removes insoluble solids like plastics, rags, and hygiene products and grinds up everything else

  • Grit tank – This equipment provides for the settling of finer sediment

  • Aerated holding tanks – These tanks are for biological treatment which reduces contaminate levels

  • Fournier rotary press – This equipment is used for the final step where the solids are separated from the liquid

After separation, the water is treated at the adjacent public treatment plant and the solids are currently disposed of in a landfill. We are proud to work with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) for both our solid waste products, as well as our liquid wastewater. We are developing plans and permitting to utilize our final solid waste product as a fertilizer which will be applied on agricultural land.

We are pleased to be a small part of the effort to protect northern Indiana’s beautiful lakes and streams, while also protecting our groundwaters from contamination.